Turn your time into money with Book2act

The only direct online appointment setting service for Act! users
Whether you're in sales or service, time is likely your most valuable asset, but often the means to managing that time with your customers is clumsy and fraught with needless delays, as vendors & customers go back and forth trying to find a mutually convenient time to meet.

And wasted time is wasted money. 

Book2act solves this problem by sharing your Act! calendar with those people trying to book your time. Display your Book2act link in your email signature, website, social media pages, or any other digital presence you manage, and then watch your calendar magically fill up with customer appointments.

If you meet with customers or prospects, you need Book2ACT!

What you do

Subscribe to Act! & Book2act.
Use Book2act to configure the hours & days of business, as well as the default meeting durations, buffers, and activity types.
Whether your database is hosted or self-hosted, the Act! WebAPI can connect to it

What they do

Customers click on a link from your website or email signature, your week calendar displays showing your company information, logos, as well as all the times you're available to meet with them.
They choose a date & time, and within moments that activity shows up in your calendar.

What you both do

Meet at the earliest mutually convenient time, creating more business for you, and a happier, better served customer in them.

What you pay

Our rates our simple. One tier, one price.
$5USD per month/per user (billed annually), which I think you'll agree is significantly less than comparable services charging over double, and without any direct link to Act!
All prices listed are in USD, and billed per user/per database

Book2act Features

  • Show your customers when you're available for an appointment
  • Provide them the ability to book an appointment with you and have it show up immediately in your Act! calendar
  • Book2act then offers to send them an Outlook invite for the same date and time so both participants are reminded of that appointment when due. It even links the invite to your chosen email address.
  • If the contact is in your database the activity is linked to them, and if they're not, they get added and then linked. In cases of existing contacts, no field data gets overwritten
  • Appointments in your Act! calendar contain all the meeting details entered in Book2act, including priority and location (when applicable)
  • Set one-time or recurring blacklist dates, minimum lead times, same-day blocking, meeting buffers, and even custom work week availability (including regular hours and days). 
  • Set default activity type, duration, and alarm notice
  • Configure your customer facing appointment page with your own custom messages and corporate logo
  • Get an instant email alert whenever a booking is made, advising you with when and with whom

System Requirements

  • A current Act! subscription (Act! v18 or higher)
  • Act! security role of "Standard" or higher, with WebAPI permissions assigned
  • Act! Premium Cloud with a WebAPI URL, or locally install Act! Connect Link
  • A Book2act subscription
  • Act! WebAPI v1.0.409.0

Book2act Screen Shots


Book2act is perfect for anyone that meets with customers

How much time do business owners waste every day trying to book appointment times with their customers? What times work for you, often don't work for them, and before you know it, several days pass before you can align calendars.
What if there was a way your customers could know when you're available, and could independently book an appointment with you online?
And what if that appointment would instantly show up in your Act! calendar linked to the appropriate contact, or create a new one as needed?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up Book2Act?

You can find set up instructions at: http://kb.act4work.com/index.php?solution_id=1075

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